Dear Ackers Point Friends,

The health and safety of our guests, family, staff, and Delton community are paramount as we prepare for summer 2020. We have been working hard to create a plan that will provide a safe summer during the Coronavirus uncertainty, without sacrificing the essentials that are the joy of Ackers Point Resort. With your help, these changes will keep everyone safe, and provide some much-needed summer fun.  Our summer season will officially start June 8, 2020.

Our New Safety Measures

  • Six Day Rental. Cottages will be rented from Saturday (2pm check-in) to Friday (10 am check-out) to allow for fogging and enhanced cleaning for the safety of our guests and cleaning staff.

  • Fogging. After consulting with a local remediation expert about effective cleaning options, we have invested in a fogging system to be used between each rental. This fogging solution (Bio-Oxygen Mold 100) has proven to eradicate a variety of viruses, bacteria, mold, etc., without toxicity or environmental damage. This two-part solution contains EPA-approved chemicals to combat Covid-19. We are confident that we can safely disinfect and rent cottages with a one-day turnaround. Graham has been trained and will be doing the fogging. For more information on this product visit:

  • Enhanced Cleaning. We will be thoroughly cleaning each cottage with special attention to high-touch items such as door handles, tables, chairs etc, and outdoor equipment.

  • Removal of Linens. For added safety, we will not be providing pillows, bedspreads, or towels in the cottages. Please bring your own.  

  • Sanitizer and cleaning products will be located at shared resources so chairs, beach items, campfire items, kayaks, canoes and paddles can be wiped down to ensure safety. We will provide extra cleaners in each cottage, but encourage guests to bring their own.

  • Social Distancing measures. We encourage our guests to observe social distancing guidelines put forth by the CDC and State of Michigan.

Beach Use. On our busier weeks, we will offer a beach schedule to avoid overcrowding at the beach. We will rotate times throughout the week so all get to experience the beach at different parts of the day. If families are comfortable sharing beach times, let us know and we will work that into the schedule. We can forgo the beach schedule if all parties agree. We do want everyone to feel comfortable, relaxed, and on “vacation,” and space at the beach will be important for many guests. We will also eliminate the beach toy box this year, so please bring your own beach items.​

Campfire use can be scheduled as needed.

  • The Lodge and Candy Store will be closed for the 2020 summer. Lodge reservations will be accepted for one-time family reunion events if requested. 

  • Payment. Bills will be emailed/texted or dropped off at your cottage to minimize contact.  They can be paid by check or credit card (over the phone or online via invoice).  Checks may be dropped off at Graham & Amy’s cottage at the drop box. 

Your Safety Measures

First and foremost, we appreciate and trust you! We have known most of our guests for a long time and you are just as amazing as the Resort itself. We are entering a new social landscape, and we need your help to navigate a happy and safe summer.

There is a wide range of comfort level when it comes to social distancing and safety precautions. If we all start from a place of caution and respect, we will find a happy balance where everyone can enjoy the Resort and each other. Some guests will need extra space to feel comfortable enough to relax and unwind.

  • If You Are Sick, please stay home this year.  We are at a place where even mild sickness posses a potential threat. If you, or a family member is sick or has been recently sick with symptoms that could be Covid-19, we ask that you stay home. While it would be disappointing to miss your vacation due to a cold, we will refund deposits right up the last minute and you will be doing your part to keep our community safe.

  • Follow social distancing guidelines put forth by the CDC and State of Michigan.

  • Please be respectful of others’ space and comfort levels. We want everyone to enjoy their stay.

  • Additional Guests. To limit the number of people, we ask that you do not bring guests with your family or have day guests visit the Resort this summer.

  • Bedding & Linens. We will not be providing bedding, pillows or towels this summer so please bring these for your stay. 

  • Cleaning Supplies. We will provide some extra cleaner for your cottage, but our supplies are limited.  Please bring your favorite cleaners and sanitizers.

  • Children & Pets are good at ignoring social distancing guidelines.  Please err on the side of caution with other guests and keep an eye on children until comfort boundaries have been established. Please remember pets must be leashed at all times as usual.

  • Please familiarize yourself and family with current safety guidelines put forth by the CDC and State of Michigan as they are updated frequently.  State of Michigan:

  • Understand that Ackers Point Resort has put in place preventative measures to reduce the COVID-19 exposure, but we cannot guarantee that guests will not become infected with COVID-19.  A stay at Ackers Point Resort could possibly increase your risk and your child(ren)'s risk of contracting COVID-19.

Thank you for sticking with us on such a long, but necessary letter.  We are optimistic that together we can have another great season here at Ackers Point Resort.  As always, we appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.

Graham & Amy

John & Carole Smith